August 28- Swedish Meatballs

Man, I am getting a good vibe from this trip.  I arrived in Stockholm yesterday afternoon with my Sustainable Development core course, and a couple friends and I managed to snag one of the only seats on the train with a table.


Check out that beautiful view of Swedish waters… We chatted a bunch, and I managed to work a bit on my Art essay, but I never got a chance to open my book! Good thing I brought two, huh?


IMG_20150927_175718986  IMG_20150927_175647889

On our walking tour, we caught a glimpse of the narrowest ‘street’ in Stockholm at only 90cm across. How cute!


But yes. I am loving it already. We got authentic Swedish meatballs and delicious mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and we were completely underdressed for the nice restaurant. There was even a man there in a full white suit. The waiters hated us because of all the dietary restrictions, too. Oh well!



Today, we have a visit to the Municipality offices to chat about greenness, and then we’ll get a little adventure in the Tyresta National Park. Gosh I’m so excited to do nature. Eep! I’m just in a really great mood, and I don’t have to sleep in a bunk bed. Ha.


Okay, Stockholm, here we go!!!


Btws, sorry if there are typos, as I am on my phone and it is kind of spanking out. Apparently not conducive to blogging. But I’ll take it  (:


Venlig hilsen / best regards,



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