Hey New Peeps!

Hey their! im gonna tell you a litle about me. i spell things rong on purposs. none of my nails ar the same color. i like candadia more than america, even tho im american. i am a crazed Scott Westerfeld fan. i love Scott Westerfeld. i love Scott Westerfeld’s blog. i met a girl on Scott’s blog named Amy-la, and shes the one who showed me this site. shes one of my best friends on that site, including Serafina-la, Taylor-wa, Bri-la, and Kheidi-la. im one of the wierdest peeps you will ever meet, and im very smarticle. when it comes to school. not so much anywhere else.

so, ill basiclly be talking about Scott Westerfeld and his books and blog. and maybe school. and maybe somtimes my friends at school. but maybe not, cause non of them use computers very much. *sadness* so thats me. hope you enjoy the blog. its FAWESOME! and…you’ll like it. ill make sure.

by the way, your about to see my signiture. its how i end all posts, comments, or anything i rite. excluding wasls. *uuhhgg* i put whatever smiley i feel like at the moment. enjoy.

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛 



  1. mandy-wa Said:

    hey , love the blog i might get one!!! too is there really a midnighters 4
    is there a book after extras

  2. parasane Said:

    Hey Lizzy-wa!!

    Got here from your link on the Westerblog 🙂
    Teehee, I transferred here [to WordPress] from Blogger after seeing WordPress from Amy-la’s blog too. 🙂 There are more templates here to choose from. I got the first comment!


  3. lizzywa Said:

    Mandy-wa…well, not OFFICIALLY. but thats what the names gonna be when Scott-la makes it. i’ll make sure. theres also gonna be DARKLING WEREWOLVES! i’ll post about all that later. maybe tomorrow.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  4. sERAFINA zANE Said:

    wow, fawesome template lizzy-wa

    DARKLING WEREWOLVES FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    chasing midnight werewolves club unite!

  5. sERAFINA zANE Said:

    my nails r different colors too. they’re alternating tealish and dark-bluish, but in opposite order on both hands. and they’re shinnnny…….

  6. lizzywa Said:

    sounds foolio Serafina-la! and thanx!


    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  7. theprettymindedugly Said:

    im one of your best friends on the site!?!? so happy-making!


  8. Carls Said:

    fawsome possum.

  9. theprettymindedugly Said:

    post again!
    (and thank you for saying i am one of your best friends on scott’s site)
    (and my blog has been updated)

  10. Vicky-la Said:

    hey lizzy, its moi, vicky. love the blog

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