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EXTRAS! WARNING: SPOILER ZONE. this is my official EXTRAS spoiler zone. we will talk about everything and anything EXTRAS. for instince. what was your fav part? what was your worst part? which parts made you cry? which parts made you hurl the book at the wall? did you totlally love the part at the end when Tally and David got back together? i no i did.

so, chat away. i’ll be hear a lot. just make sure you never talk badly about David, or it might get ugly.

-Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)



FAWESOME PHOTOS THAT ARENT MYNE. these are some fotally  fawesome photos that arent about me.

 this ones Cyndy-la with her fawesome flash tattoos and her friend-la:


this ones thes fawesome shoelaces of Maggie-la’s:


hehe. Scott-la signed her shoes!

 this ones this fawesome version of PRETTY Tally-wa that i think should fotally be what she looked like on the cover:

Pretties.jpg Pretties picture by Al-189

this fotally fawesome photo-shopping was done by Allie-wa!

this fawesome pic is Laura-la in her computer-made shirt that she dreamt up by herself:


and heres this fotally fawesome pic of Liset-la (im not CUTE!) in her fotally fawesome TEAM DAVID shirt:


oh, and for the record, heres me:


so those are all the fotally fawesome pics i can find for now. bye!

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛


SHORELINE SCOTT AND JUSTINE. i jsut met them both today! it was sooooooooooooo fawesome! i went up with my stak of books and the stiky note that said what my name was on EXTRAS. wen Scott-la says “do you by chance go on my blog” and i was like “yeah. like…everyday.” and he was like “i thot i recognized that name” and then he looked at my shirt and was like “do you mind if i blog your shirt” and i was shocked. “yeah. no. uh…go ahead” all the while waving my hands around like an idiot. very unbubbly. then he signed all my books and i went to Justine. then i talked to her a little and she took pics of my shirt. it was so fawesome! then wehn she asked my name, she said that she had read some of my comments. it was so fool! i dont no if he’ll actally blog it, but it was fool anyway!

so go back in time to the lecture. he went on for a while about some friend an some dentist who wanted to put said friend on some five year plan to mak his teeth look good. i think. and he kept bringing it up. it was kinda funny. rather rhizomorphous if ya ask me. but it was funny and i asked a question. i think he heard it rong tho, cause he didnt really aswer it quite rite, but it was fool.

then i came home and i was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! to my little brother, sister, and dad. and my dad was like “so it didnt work” and then  i asked what didnt work, and he was like “we thot after yu saw him you would think he was just some dweeb” and i was like “DAD! HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING?!?!?!?” and then my brother and sister just laughed. then my dad was like “now she likes him even more!”

so that was my fawesome nite. see ya tomorrow!

by the way…this is my fawesome dorky photo. notice the paperclip earring on left ear.

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛


HORRIBLE FAILER. thats me. nobodys commenting. my blogs not as fawesome as Scott-la’s ill admit. but still. i now have THREE blogs. this one, CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES hq, and one for everything at scool and where i post stories i rite. so yeah. i just made that one. but still, nobodys commenting. abandon-making.

at least i have you guys at Scott-la’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

no seriously. this whol post was just a joke. hehe. im funny-making.

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛



that is the title of my new club. it is also the title of the new fourth Midnighters book by Scott-la. well, the CHASING MIDNIGHT part is. but theres gonna be awesome DARKLING WEREWOLVES in it. me and Serafina-la are co-prezs. anybody wanna join?

there is this fawesome website i found. it is the best Midnighters website around. and it has like over seven thousand different tridecalogisms! CRAZINESS! my fav tridecalogisms are RHIZOMORPHOUS, IDIOSYNCRINATIC, and INFINITESIMAL, and SCINTILLATING. fawesomeness huh?!

 well you enjoy those tridecalogisms, and im gonna go to bed. its nine over here and i got too and a haf hours of sleep last nite. scool tomorr0w. stupidness. so im gonna go now. you comment. it helps my ratings. statics. things. good nite!

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

Hey New Peeps!

Hey their! im gonna tell you a litle about me. i spell things rong on purposs. none of my nails ar the same color. i like candadia more than america, even tho im american. i am a crazed Scott Westerfeld fan. i love Scott Westerfeld. i love Scott Westerfeld’s blog. i met a girl on Scott’s blog named Amy-la, and shes the one who showed me this site. shes one of my best friends on that site, including Serafina-la, Taylor-wa, Bri-la, and Kheidi-la. im one of the wierdest peeps you will ever meet, and im very smarticle. when it comes to school. not so much anywhere else.

so, ill basiclly be talking about Scott Westerfeld and his books and blog. and maybe school. and maybe somtimes my friends at school. but maybe not, cause non of them use computers very much. *sadness* so thats me. hope you enjoy the blog. its FAWESOME! and…you’ll like it. ill make sure.

by the way, your about to see my signiture. its how i end all posts, comments, or anything i rite. excluding wasls. *uuhhgg* i put whatever smiley i feel like at the moment. enjoy.

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛