August 28- Swedish Meatballs

Man, I am getting a good vibe from this trip.  I arrived in Stockholm yesterday afternoon with my Sustainable Development core course, and a couple friends and I managed to snag one of the only seats on the train with a table.


Check out that beautiful view of Swedish waters… We chatted a bunch, and I managed to work a bit on my Art essay, but I never got a chance to open my book! Good thing I brought two, huh?


IMG_20150927_175718986  IMG_20150927_175647889

On our walking tour, we caught a glimpse of the narrowest ‘street’ in Stockholm at only 90cm across. How cute!


But yes. I am loving it already. We got authentic Swedish meatballs and delicious mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and we were completely underdressed for the nice restaurant. There was even a man there in a full white suit. The waiters hated us because of all the dietary restrictions, too. Oh well!



Today, we have a visit to the Municipality offices to chat about greenness, and then we’ll get a little adventure in the Tyresta National Park. Gosh I’m so excited to do nature. Eep! I’m just in a really great mood, and I don’t have to sleep in a bunk bed. Ha.


Okay, Stockholm, here we go!!!


Btws, sorry if there are typos, as I am on my phone and it is kind of spanking out. Apparently not conducive to blogging. But I’ll take it  (:


Venlig hilsen / best regards,





ok i just checked and it was most definately in lynnwood hehehe. but aaaaannnyywaaayyssss… I JUST SAW JUSTINE-LA (Larbalestier)! woot! woot! hehe i saw her for the first time two years ago when Scott-la (Westerfeld) was touring for EXTRAS. i hadn’t read any of her books yet, but they were on hold from the library and she was at the top of my need-to-read authors list. you see, i made this t-shirt, and when Scott-la saw it, he asked if he could blog it. of course i said yes (i mean im not an idiot), so after he was done signing my books, he told me to go over to his wife Justine so she could take my picture. i was extremely confused. it scares me when people tell me to do unexpected things with one sentence explanations because the whole ‘unexpected’ factor kind of puts me into a shocked mood. shockedness=non-logical-thinkingness. but he did anyway, and its not like i was gonna just walk away like he’d never even mentioned it (although i highly considered doing just that).

so i walked over to the lady of which i was PRETTY SURE was Justine, but didn’t quite know. when i heard her talking to some girls about her new book (which im pretty sure was HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY), i let out a sigh of relief. i had stalked the correct person. (cuz really, wouldn’t you be a little creeped out if some hyperventalating little girl dazzled in a sharpie-made shirt and paperclip earring just started standing really close to you and glancing at you akwardly every few seconds? i no i would.) so after the girls were done talking to her and she was done apologizing for not bringing the few chapters of her new book that she had printed exactly for the purpose of giving to fans (yes i might have been eavesdropping), she turned to me. this was when i akwardly rambled about how Scott-la had sent me over to get my picture taken. i tried to explain the whole ‘can i blog your shirt’ thing but i have no recollection of the jumble i actually spoke. somehow she managed to understand my point, and whipped out her handy dandy iphone (i think). she took a couple pictures of me, one consisting of only my shoulder that included the famous, yet to some people disgusting words: CAT VOMIT. hehehe. then she asked what my name was to type in to her phone. as she spelled it out loud to make sure it was correct, she said ‘zet’ instead of ‘zee’ which i thought was the coolest thing ever. then she mentioned how she had read some of my comments on Scott-la’s blog, which i thought was the NEW coolest thing ever. then she recommended a book to me! yes, a famous author recommended a book to ME. (of course this turned out to be the NEW new coolest thing ever.) of course, once all of this was over, i felt bad that she new me, some random little fangrrl, and i hadnt even read her books. so once MAGIC OR MADNESS came through from the library, it was done within the weekend. : )

now fast forward to present day today. i was all excited to come see her on her tour for LIAR, especially due to this giant dilemma in which i thought i was going to miss her due to an orchestra concert. but luckily she was ocming more than one day, and wensday was free to author visit! i was pretty dang happy. me and my mom made it out the door on time for probably the first time EVER. i was reading crazily on LIAR, trying to get as far into it as i could before we got there. we were making good time and had fifteen minutes to spare, when our GPS says ‘you have reached your destination.’ let me tell you, there was NO destination in sight. we drove around for twenty minutes, totally frustrated and mad, when we ended up in the exact place we started, only to find that the B&N was RITE THERE and we hadnt seen it because the sign didnt light up and yes, it was dark out. she dropped me out and i rushed in. i ran in frantic circles through the store, trying desperately to find some source of author life! i went through the coffee place, the teen section, and pretty much the rest of the store. it wasnt until the end that i wound up in the childrens section, for some reason the last place i looked, where i saw the lovely Justine-la.

i walked up and stood akwardly in the back until Justine said ‘you can sit down, we saved a chair just for you!’ (i no she was just saying that but it still made me feel special hehe.) she talked all about the dramas of writing a real-life styled book rather than a fantasy book. she talked about the whole cover drama, she talked all about this fancy writing software that she used to write LIAR (i cant remember what its called and its bugging me), and she did a hilarious impersonation of Scott-la. (i was technically told specifically not to blog about that…. but it was just so funny! i just hope i dont get caught. that would not be good hehe.) she even mentioned a Micah (the main character in LIAR) replica spotting in a restaurant. she’s just so funny and entertaining, as i have found most of the authors i like are. from her i learned that crappy first drafts are oookkkkkaayyy, and that pictures are usually ‘more flattering’ if they are taken from a higher angle hehe.

afterwards, she signed of course. it was a smallish group of people, so instead of being rushed along or not even getting to say two words to her like im sure authors such as JK Rowling do, we all got leisure time to take ten ‘just in case’ pictures like the girls in front of me did. hehe it made me laugh. while i was waiting, LIAR and HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY already in hand, i noticed LOVE IS HELL on the little case of Justinebooks. i walked over to grab a copy and grabbed one in the middle of the display so i wouldnt get a sunbleached or slightly-bent-at-the-corners copy. of course, i only used one hand, so the books in front of my choice tumbled loudly to the ground. it was so nice. hehe

i got up to her and handed her my stack of books with the post-it labeled ‘Lizzy-wa’. then she went ‘oh! i didnt recognize you!’ hehe she said something about how she felt bad (i giggled) and then said ‘you’v gotten bigger!’ whats funny is that Scott-la mentioned the same thing just one week ago (i’ve yet to post my post on that hehe.) then we chatted about such things and i was in author heaven. i told her how my stupid assigned reading for school was preventing me from finishing books like LIAR and LEVIATHAN, and she signed LIAR ‘Dear Lizzy-wa, Sorry for all the crappy school work you’re suffering through! xox Justine’. that made me laugh quite a bit. while she was signing HTDYF, she asked how i sign off everything, then remembered before i could tell her and signed it ‘Dear Lizzy-wa, Wonderful to see you again! Jazzy-wa out! xxoxx Justine’. that made me laugh a LOT a bit. then she told the her publishing rep and the lady that worked at B&N (who just so obviously happened to be a crazed Justine fan, typed questions and clipboard in hand–yes, this made me laugh) about the two years ago tour and my t-shirt and said that i had made a ‘big impression’ on her and Scott-la! that shocked feeling returned again. hehe i made an impression on them? me??? it was pretty dang awesome.

then came the photos. i first had to turn my phone right side up for my phone-challenged mom. then we smiled and got Micah in the shot with us. she took one picture and Justine suggested taking another for good measure. my mom was about to push the button when my hair fell in front of my face and i flung my head to the side to get it out of the way. so in the second ‘for good measure’ picture, i look like an idiot. hehe. i felt a lot better when i got home and more closely inspected it, realizing that not only did i look like an idiot, but Justine-la had her eyes closed. hehehehe i laughed A LOT.

i asked her if she was ever going to write a sequel to HTDYF, my favorite of her books so far (note that i have not finished LIAR), but sadly she said no. she did however explain her fantasy in which Disney makes it into a super famous tv show, then the demand for more books gets higher and she lets all of her newish writer friends write sequels to it to help them get their career started (cuz i mean what better way to start a career than to write about hammer-crushed fairies hehehe).

it was a pretty awesome night and i no a normal person would apologize for the extremely long post (which only took me half an hour to write and is currently longer than the report i’ve been working on in school for over a month), but anyone who knows me will no that i love long posts and have even mentioned before how i never apologize for them and neither should anybody else. if people dont wanna read long posts, then they dont have to, but its a heck of a lot more fun to ramble on about all the little details than to write a summary of the night like i did in that hyperlinked post up there ^ .

i love you Justine-la!

-Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)



earlier, on another blog, i reported:

“UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robot-la!!!!!!! im in trouble!!! cant go to UW!!! i hope you can find somebody else to go. sucks much! i was craving chocoalate! its not my fault! its all HER fault! im completely innocent!!!”

then Vicky-la asked “what not HER fault. who is HER?” so here is my answer:

HER is my evil little sister. ya se…

my mom had a PTA meeting, so she left at 7. at 7:05 i started craving chocolate cuz we were watching Willy Wonka and it was the scene where everythings made out of chocolate rite? so i go to the freezer and get out the chocolate ice cream. then my sis (im gonna call her Cheesecake, her nikname, just in case of stalkers) Cheesecake was all like “you cant have any ice cream! i asked mom before she left!” so i go to call and ask. but she left her phone there.

i thot about it for a second, and decided i didnt really give a cow. so i walk towards the freezer and my sister starts pushing me and elbowing me and cauzing pain to my very existence, all to just prevent me from getting ice cream. she was screaming of course, and i was screaming back. of course. stupid i no, but her screaming and shoving just made me want that chocolate ice cream that much more.

she said “MOM SAID NOOOOO!!!!”””””””””

so i took a thot for a second, and shot her one of my favorite death glares and said “look. im gonna eat some ice cream, your gonna watch me do it, and if i get in trouble, i get in trouble and your not. gonna. care.”

she looked wary for a jiffy, and then she let go and stepped back, defeated. by then i had realized that the back door was open, my dad was out there working, and he no doubt herd us. i shrugged it off, noing i was gonna get it.

but i had just gone threw all that trouble, so i was gonna eat that dang ice cream. i got it out of the freezer, still glaring, but it was one of my other favorite ones. i took the biggest spoonful i cood manage without having it fall off, and shoved most of it into my mouth, my sister giving me a disgusted look.

of course, noing my sister, i cood see that other look she was secretly giving me beneath the disgusted surface: your gonna get it.

then my dad walked in the door. he asked what was going on and S–i mean Cheesecake gladly told him the story. then he asked me “is that true?” even tho we both new it was. she (of course) gladly left out her violent attempt at keeping me away from the ice cream, but i didnt really care. telling him wood just make things worse.

so he said i was grounded. and now i am. of all weekends. i was quite puzzled when he said “your grounded this weekend”. this WEEKEND?!?!?! what the heck dad! youv lost your edge! he never usually settles for anything less than a month! not only that, but ive never actually heard him say the word “grounded” before. he always uses the term “on restriction”. usually ether from computer, tv, or friends. but never just plain “grounded”.

i figured the lame four word punishment was due to the fact that he new how much i wanted to hang out with Robot-la this weekend. and he really likes Robot-la. he referres to her as “the cute one”. so he probably didnt want to keep me from hanging out with her for more than that. considering we hardly ever hang out. plus, he’s been wanting me to have her over. she’s his fav of my friends. its so pathetic. kinda like Charlie and Alice i spose.

so thats why im “grounded” (such a strange punishment) this weekend. and thats whose fault it is.

-Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)


RETURN FROM THE MAN-EATING DUCT TAPE. *gasps for air*. this *gasp* is *gasp* the *gasp* story *gasp* of *gasp* why *gasp* i *gasp* was *gasp* gone! *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*!!!!!

ok. *gasp*. so i was walkin down the street. just mindin my own busness. not hurtin anybody. just takin a stroll and lookin cool. *winks and does that freeky finger point thingy to some random kid on the street*. WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN…


out of nowhere, this gigantic roll of flying duct tape the size of montana just flys out of nowhere and smacks me in the head!!!

its all a blurr after that. until (what i later was told was 16 days later) i woke up in a dark alley. yes. A DARK ALLEY. and. surrounding me, were exactly 72 (never a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolles of duct tape! i used to LIKE duct tape! i thought duct tape was my FRIEND!!! but i guess i was RONG!!! for all of a sudden, i was SWARMED!!! i was so confuzzled! wich ways up?! which ways down?! WHERES THE NEAREST BATHROOM!?!??!!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

i was thrown upsidedown, sideways and threw a loop-de-loop. i was twisted and turned and smacked on the cheek! IT WAS MADNESS I TELLS YA! MADNESS!!!

before i new it, i was strapped to the wall. there was no way i was possibly gonna EVER get down. there had to be at leas 60 (still never a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolls worth of duct tape strapping me down to the wall! i looked to my left. i looked to my rite. yes. there were only 12 (still not a good sign) gigantic montana-sized rolls of duct tape left. standing before me. watching with weary eyes. weary? i thot to myself. why the heck wood these…MONSTERS be WEARY of ME?!?!? when i was clearly not going anywhere anytime soon.

then i realized they were holding (yes. holding. dont ask me how) candles. the air was thick with the scent and taste of the candles. i opened my mouth. “tastes like…vanilla”, i said allowed. the duct tapes started murmering to each other. (again. i have no idea how that is possible). then i soaked in my surroundings. i looked down, and saw about 39 million (always a good sign) pictures of me. ME?! yes. me. along with *counts candles using photographic memory* 52 (again, a good sign) candles.

my brain slowly processed the information… “A SHRINE!!!?!?!?!?????!?!?! FOR ME?!?!?!? OH YOU SHOODNT HAVE!!!” the duct tapes nodded (by this time i was used to the freekyness of it all). and then they cut me down. this task alone took them an additional 22 days. (lots of duct tape. im sure if you have ever messed with duct tape, im sure you wood understand).

all the while they fed me these odd greyish (yet good) grapes that had an odd (but good) duct tapeish flavoring to them.

overall, it was an adventure i will never forget. but now i am back, safe, and i will post the continuation of…whatever the heck i last rote soon….or when i get around to it…what was it anyways? EXTRAS? … yeah. i’ll keep riting EXTRAS…when i get around to it…

-Lizzy-wa OUT! 😐


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SOMEWHAT FUNNYISH. i find it somewhat funnyish that this and my other blog are so lame and my ever popular CHASING MIDNIGHT WEREWOLVES club is so…fawesome. i imagine its cause thats actally a club and these are just normal boring blogs. but still. i find it somewhat amusing. it cood also be the fact that i never actally rite anything on these blogs…i just dont no what to rite about. any suggestions?

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙂


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i made up the licking nose smiley. Isnt he cute! Ha,i love my silly licky nose man! You may use my licking nose man, all you have to do is no in heart, that he is my creation gone wrong. MR.LICKING NOSE MAN. this is the story. of Mr.Licking Nose Man. :-9

It all started when i wanted to make a sad face. Instead of doing shift 9, i did 9, accidentaly. Then Mr.Licking Nose Man was created!(insert evil laugh here) I tryed to control him but it was flu season.(insert “eww” here) So of course, he had a long tongue, and of course he has a messed up nose, but at the same time, i love him, my Mr.Licking Nose Man. (insert loving “awww” here) But sadly it comes a day were we have to leave him behind, so welcome him now, before he goes BAZERK!(insert scared scream here)


 -Lizzy-wa OUT! :-9



           The lights of New Pretty Town glowed in the distance. She stared at them longingly. Her sixteenth birthday was on April 13, four days away. And yet, she would never make it there. Never feel the thrill of the non-stop partying and fun. Ugly for the rest of her life.

          Ara looked around. Everybody was ugly. She chose this fate, now she didn’t understand why. Pale skin, far-spread eyes, monkey feet; they were supposed to help them adapt, but they were just making her feel sick.

          She looked up at the stars. They made her feel incredibly small. Billions of stars, just staring at her, almost like millions of eyes. The night was beautiful, with just a little breeze and the perfect temperature for, leaving. She looked down at her monkey feet and shivered. It was just so…not right. And her hands, they were so creepy. With an extra bone in each finger, it made her feel long and off-balance. She curled her fingers into a fist. They bent in one too many places. It felt like she was wearing gloves that were a size too big.

          “Please remove your hover rigs.” Ara jumped. She looked around frantically. It was just Udzir-sensei. Looked like they were taking off soon. Ara turned off her rig. Gravity settled over her like a blanket of rock. She took an unsteady step forward and started un-strapping a shoulder pad, when she was suddenly crushed by something hard and bony. She fell to the ground and let out a grunt. Something was sticking in her side. An elbow.

          The pressure lifted and someone grabbed her wrist. She was pulled to her feet by a boy. Well, she thought it was a boy. He looked at her with those freakishly wide eyes and mumbled an apology before stumbling off, only his left side was still floating. She stared after in his direction.

          People started getting into the ships, Udzir-sensei calling off names. “Takara Aomori please step forward.” At first she didn’t hear him, then he repeated it and her heart started racing. She was still as a rock. Everyone was looking around, trying to find her. Like they ever could. Nobody knew who she was. Her friends chickened out, and her family thought it was “unnatural.”

          Udzir-sensei repeated her name. She sighed and stepped forward.

          “Please remove your hover rig Takara,” he said, calm and patiently. It reminded her of middle pretties back before the mind rain. The only difference was that middle pretties back then didn’t have giant eyes, pale skin, and monkey feet. She scrambled to un-strap the rig. Every eye was on her. Every eye screen flickering, most likely looking up her feed and face rank. She didn’t have anything on her feed, they were a waste of time. And her latest face rank was 847,427. The number sat in the corner of her vision.

          A mumble started in the crowd. She continually heard the words “Aomori,” “Ara,” and “total extra land.” What did they know? Technically they were in Extra land too. She finished taking off the rig and stood up. Her face rank jumped up to 847, 129. “That was fast,” she breathed.

          Udzir smiled and said, “Right this way Takara.” He showed her to the door of the nearest ship. She took three steps toward it, and stopped.

so…whatta ya think…

 -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)


EXTRAS! WARNING: SPOILER ZONE. this is my official EXTRAS spoiler zone. we will talk about everything and anything EXTRAS. for instince. what was your fav part? what was your worst part? which parts made you cry? which parts made you hurl the book at the wall? did you totlally love the part at the end when Tally and David got back together? i no i did.

so, chat away. i’ll be hear a lot. just make sure you never talk badly about David, or it might get ugly.

-Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

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